Hosting a Party

Madison Gold Partner Event is a chance to get a group of friends together, not just for some laughs and good company, but to earn some cold hard cash.
Here's how it works. When you are hired to be a coordinator, a MGP trainer will work with you to determine your guest list. Often times, you forget about Aunt Sally or the woman you meet at the dry cleaner. Together, you will select from a group of invitations and work with our graphic artist to customize it for your event. Your MGP point person will ensure scheduling on the calendar and select an analyst to attend your event to appraise, collect gold and distribute CASH to your guests.

Your role is to invite guests and be the host at the event. Once your guests arrive, your job is done. MGP reimburses you for refreshments.

After your event, MGP will send you a check for 8% of all gold purchases. Feel free to ask a MGP representative to explain in detail.

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