Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is my gold worth and how much will you pay?

When you want to sell your jewelry, it’s good to know the true market value of precious metal. web site is a good place to start. Once you know what your metal is going for on the market, you’ll have a better idea of what price you can expect.


Madison Gold Partners will pay 50% more than other gold buyers though the exact price will vary based on many factors, like quality and precious metal content. When we weigh and evaluate your gold, we immediately call you with our offer.

What items do you buy?

Rings, Broken rings, chains, earrings, earring posts, Bracelets, charms, lockets, pendants, gold coins, ingots, bullions, pins, broaches, watches, scrap gold, gold powder and dental gold, Basically, if it is gold, we will consider buying it.

How to Identify Precious Metals

Gold can usually be identified by markings on
your jewelry in karats, such as: 10kt, 14kt, 18kt,
22kt or 24kt. Some gold may be marked as .585
for 14kt and .750 for 18kt.

Gold can be found in many colors, Yellow and
white are the most common colors for gold,
but gold can also be green and rose-colored.

Platinum jewelry will be marked .950 or PLAT
on the piece.

Silver will have one of the following marks:
STERLING, 925 or Silver.

Why should I sell to Madison Gold Partners instead of someone else?

By aligning individual item(s) together with our institutional customers, we are able to go to the market and negotiate a much higher price than a local jeweler thus cutting out the middleman and passing the savings to our sellers.
We understand that your jewelry might have sentimental value so that's why we have established a reputation of paying the highest prices possible. We also understand that sometimes there is a need for immediate cash therefore we have worked out a service that can turn your valuables in to cash within 24 hours or less.
Madison Gold Partners’ principals have been in the gold business for over 100 years. Unlike most companies, we’re a true precious metal refinery. We melt down the gold ourselves so there is no middle man to add to our costs. Our in-house process lets us pass the savings along to you so you get the best price for your gold!

How do I sell you my gold?

Simply fill in the form on our web site or give us a call and we will arrange for insured, shipping FREE. We’ll make you an offer via phone or email and send you a check the SAME DAY. At Madison Gold Partners, we make getting paid for your gold fast and easy!

When I ship you my gold, do I have to pay for it myself?

No. Madison Gold Partners always pays for all of your shipping. When you fill in the form on our web site, we’ll send you an insured, shipping envelope FREE. Just send us your gold jewelry in it and we’ll evaluate your items and make you a SAME DAY offer. If you decide you don’t want to sell, no problem. We’ll just return your items back to you.

Am I obligated to sell you my gold when I ship it to you for evaluation?

No. When you ship your items to Madison Gold Partners, you are under no obligation to accept our offer. Our appraisers evaluate your item and call you with our offer the same day we receive your item. If you decide not to sell to us, we simply ship your item back to you the same day.

How do I know my valuables are safe with you?

Madison Gold Partners goes out of its way to ensure your valuables are always safe and secure. We provide you with shipping that insure your valuables. If your items are worth more, let us know and we will buy additional shipping insurance for your valuables – at no cost to you. When we receive your item, we assign it a tracking number so you always know where it is. While your item is in the care of Madison Gold Partners, you can rest assured it is always well guarded and completely safe.

Will you check with me first before cutting me a check for my gold?

Yes. When we evaluate your gold and determine a price to pay, we immediately call or email you to make an offer. We only begin the payment process after you accept our offer.

What if I don’t like your price and I want my gold back?

No problem. We’ll securely ship your items back to you. With Madison Gold Partners, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

I would rather bring my gold to you in person. Can I do that?

You certainly can. Many gold-buying companies don’t have a physical address. Others do, but they don’t allow customer visits. At Madison Gold Partners, customers are welcome to visit us anytime.

Our offices are located at:

Madison Gold Partners (MGP)
10 East 38th Street
New York, NY 10016


We’re opened from 9 am – 6 pm Mondays through Fridays except major holidays. Drop-ins are always welcome but if you’d like to call ahead first, feel free.
You can reach us at 212-689-7400.

How will you pay me, and how soon?

We can pay you by Check or for immediate payment, PayPal. Just let us know which payment method you prefer, and we’ll pay you the same day you accept our offer, whether that means mailing you a check or PayPal.

What is a Pennyweight?

20 Pennyweight (DWT) equals 1 ounce.

What is a Spot Price?

The market price for immediate delivery of a commodity, such as gold, silver or platinum. This is the price gold is trading at for the day.

Do you pay for Gem Stones?

Unfortunately we do not pay for Gem Stones. We will gladly remove all stones and send them back to you upon request.

How much will I receive for my item(s)?

In order to properly answer this question, we would need to take in to account the carat percentage, weight, and the market price at the time. Each shipment is different depending upon contents. For fairness, we implement an increasing sliding scale of payment based upon the amount of weight and the nature of the material. Being that the overall process is the same whether we receive a single broken ring or a lot of charms and chains we would need to apply a sliding scale method of payment which is based on mostly the weight and carat percentage. In other words, the greater the overall amount, the higher the payment.
But keep in mind, just because you paid retail price for an item, the price is going to be much less when its time to sell. Retail jewelers tend to have one of the highest mark up in prices of any industry.
Overall, we can estimate that 99% of our Sellers are satisfied with the payment. The 1% who are not are simply invited to return our check and we will return their valuables free of charge.

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